Saturday, September 12, 2009

Modge Podge gone crazy!

It still feels like we are kind of moving in, putting up decorations and such. Allie and I have gone modge podge crazy! We covered frames with the insides of comics for the basement and we covered our kitchen table with old vintage food ads. Everything has turned out so good I figured they were blog worthy! :)

Fishy Fishy!

I've been wanting a fish for a long time and since I have now moved into a place where I can have one, I bought a new little friend! He's pretty spazzy for a beta fish and provides some good entertainment, I'm in the porcess of training him because YES beta fish can be trained!
and this is Buzz the Blue Beta fish!
Just a week after I got Buzz my roommate Allie decided that she needed a ball of fur, so now we have Buzz the Beta fish and Harley the Hamster! Hopefully nothing else is moving in!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Just another day in hair school...

This month at school I have to do 3 perms and we all hate perms so I asked my friend Kelsey if I could do a perm (which was really just a wet set so it would go away when she got it wet) on her. And this is her sitting under the dryer looking like a grandma reading! haha
Later that day I had one of my clients come in, now this guy is a little weird... He has a funny sense of humor and I have to be quick to keep up with him. While I was cutting his hair he asked if I liked dates and nuts which turned into a joke about me going on dates and I did tell him I didn't like nuts. Well I had forgotten about that until as I went to make a ticket at the front desk he went running out the front door and called out that he had something for me... Pretty soon he came walking in with an extremely large zuchini and a large container of nuts and although he was only showing me the zuchini he left the nuts with me! Yes like I said this guy is weird! So conclusion of the story ends with the rest of the students enjoying the nuts in the lunchroom while I got questioned the rest of the night about what he came running in with. Weird! Just another day at hair school!
and this is Kelsey with her perm and my nuts!