Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Official!

I have been accepted into LDSBC for Fall 2010 

Classes will start Sept 13th

so...I will be moving up to Salt Lake, living in the Avenues 
in a house with 8 girls! Yikes!

I can't wait!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Salon of the Week #2

This week I'm featuring the salon that was the winner of NAHA for 2009 - TRIBE HAIR STUDIO - this salon is actually located in the beautiful city of Portland Oregon! 

Their goal is "To create a studio for beauty, fashion, art and music, where seekers of style gather with inspiring stylists to refine taste and increase knowledge."  

With 9 highly experienced and educated stylists this Bumble&Bumble salon is a great candidate and appears very qualified for their award!  

Their services include Haircuts starting at $45 - Color starting at $55 - Highlights starting at $85 - bridal packages, extensions, chemical straightening, and event/on site hair styling 


Beautiful isn't it?!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

a weekend of LOVE

February is the month of LOVE and it seems to be everywhere so while I am missing the people that I LOVE the most I thought I would share some of the people and things that I LOVE

i LOVE my mom/therapist          i LOVE doing hair
i LOVE my dad/advisor               i LOVE talking to friends
i LOVE shelby and her wisdom      i LOVE laughing
i LOVE link - my buddy                  i LOVE singing in the car
i LOVE my little sis lex                   i LOVE cookies
i LOVE beebers                               i LOVE dancing
i LOVE g :)                                      i LOVE making dessert

 and i must mention

i LOVE my incredible friends - too many to list
i LOVE my Utah family who provide a home away from home
i LOVE all of my extended family including the non-blood related   

Monday, February 8, 2010

Salon of the Week #1

I know I put up a salon yesterday but I'm going to start a salon highlight of the week. And this week's salon of the week is...DEXTERITY salon in Salt Lake City!
Located at 777 E 300 S Salt Lake City UT 84102

Their name Dexterity means 1) Mental skill or quickness 2) Skill and ease in using the hands 

Service List: Woman's cuts $30-$85 Men's cuts $20-53 Colors starting at $40 or $50 and up. They also offer chemical straightening, perms, extensions, bridal services, and make-up. They also have some really creative photo shoots, I think I found the hair cut I want someday when I go short, someday.

They use dermalogica and bumble&bumble, Jeff Martin (one of the stylists) teaches classes to salons, they have an apprenticeship program, and you can even volunteer to be a model for their weekly classes. Their most recent event involved participation in a Holiday Coat Drive during Nov. and Dec. donating coats to the Salvation Army. Sounds like a cool salon don't you think? 

So check it out for yourself...DEXTERITY

Sunday, February 7, 2010

bored online...didn't know it could happen did ya?!

I was looking at Salon equipment and came across this really cool salon, it looks like it would fit perfectly in Portland don't you think??

The natural lighting - the bright white - the open windows!

ahh I'm inspired!