Tuesday, October 26, 2010

HauNTeD HouSeS and PuMPKiN CaRViNG!

Of my favorite family traditions that we have is the Halloween tradition to make Gingerbread Haunted Houses! 
We are always so busy around Christmas time so we don't have time to make gingerbread houses, not to mention is you make them haunted then they don't have to be perfect and the imperfections make them even more 

 Of course with the traditional house name 

"Cook Shak" 

 Mr. Bentley!
 Dad had to get out the power tools!
 Look at our cute couple faced pumpkin!

and the Halloween festivities are about us

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rain Rain....

where are you???

Maybe I've been away from Oregon soo long that I have this idea in my head that it rains more then it does? Is that possible?? Where is the rain??? and why in October has it been in the 80's????

...oh well, but just don't rain on November 26th please :)

Go O's!

Back at the home front we are full of OLY SPIRIT! and I'm not goin lie I'm quite enjoying being apart of the Oly team again! 
Here are a few football game pictures!

 Bentley has been helping out as ball boy ~ It's been fun to watch the brother's our there together!

 And a win for the OLYS! Just what the doctor ordered!