Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life is Beautiful!

Lately I've been so happy and so grateful for so many things! I thought I would take a minute and list some of the things that have been making me happy:

the Gospel, the temple, institute, amazing friends! an incredible family immediate and extended, an opportunity to go to New York, blessings from tithing, blessings from a missionary, mail, packages, school, weekends! it's almost November! a great home (away from home), sunday school, pictures, journal writing, writing letters, pumpkin carving, BYU football games especially with family! late nights with my roomie! phone calls, my fish Buzz, and blogs :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

my first dramatic change! what do you think?



Aaron's Birthday party!

Kayti and all of her creativity (and Aaron :) decided to throw Aaron an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party! It was so fun! They decorated the backyard so cute with random teacups and teapots, there were twinkle lights, and lots of fun food! Great Party!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sarah's Visit

This weekend I was surprised with a much missed visitor! Sarah Taylor (my friend from hair school who graduated a few months ago) came to stay with me for the weekend and we had so much fun and stayed up way too late! Here's just a couple of pics from the weekend.

It was so fun to have a girls weekend full of girly things and wedding planning! haha We also made these really cute shirts! Sarah's creativity inspires me!   

Thanks for coming Sarah!


On Saturday afternoon Sarah Taylor and I were working on making some t-shirts and I decided I wanted some cookies, I went into my room, grabbed the Ziploc bag of cookies sitting on my nightstand and started to eat a chips ahoy chocolate chip cookie. I then handed the bag to Sarah and as she looked inside to grab a cookie she started to freak out! "ANTS! EWWW!" I looked down and ants were swarming the bag of cookies...now let me just remind you that one of those cookies was in my MOUTH! We were both freaking out! I was just holding my mouth open cause I froze up and didn't know what to do. Sarah had to remind me to spit out the cookie that was in my mouth so who knows if I ate one of those ants or not?! All I know is that it was disgusting and that wasn't the worst of it...

(*just to note, my carpet has black specks in it so the carpet looks worse then it really is)

Because there were so many ants all over the bag I went to my room to check the spot that cookies were sitting and literally thousands of ants were crawling all over the carpet and all over the bottom of my nightstand, and the freaking out and screaming continued! Especially when we thought of how we were sitting on the ground in my room right next to that very spot for hours the night before! I immediately took my nightstand outside, sprayed Windex EVERYWHERE! Called the landlord and set out ant poison. Thankfully the ants are all gone now but I'm still grossed out to think that I ate half of an ANT COOKIE! Yuck!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


So here's my big news of the week...

I'm going to New York City!!!

I can't believe it! My roommate Allie and I are taking a trip to visit our old roommate Mindy and we're meeting her in New York for a weekend get away during Allie's birthday weekend! We found really cheap flights and a good deal on a hotel just outside of Manhatten and we're going to go play!