Sunday, May 15, 2011


I know Easter has come and gone but I was just looking through my pictures so I'm posting about our sweet Easter!

With no kids yet it seemed silly to color Easter Eggs but man am I glad we did! Michael is such the little kid at heart and it was the best Easter Egg hunt I've ever experienced! I can't post the video but here are a few pictures!

 Michael's basket...

a new TV!

so the story goes that we have these really fabulous friends who got a new TV and needed to get rid of their old one and instead of letting us buy if from them they just gave it to us! how sweet!!! 

Well, as you can see it is quite large! Compared to our small home walking in the front door seeing a monstrous TV in a tiny corner was quite humorous and I found myself laughing every time I walked in the door. We desperately needed a TV stand and any excuse for me to go shopping is surely welcomed so the hunt was on! I was in search of a TV stand. I quickly discovered that TV stands were much more expensive then I realized and far outside of our budget so this was going to be a more difficult hunt then I anticipated. Michael and I went out one afternoon and and on our way from one store to the next Michael missed the turn off for the freeway putting us on a different path. On this path we came upon a Goodwill which just like the commercial with the GPS guy I quickly made him turn into the parking lot. Long story short we found a great stand for only $20 and with lots of rearranging here we are with our 
$20 home makeover! :)

 Now our beautiful painting of the temple truly has a place of it's own!