Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Phone!

This weekend was my Dad's annual brother's snowmobiling weekend which meant I got to Dad, Lincoln, Nana, Grandpa, Dale's family, Shane's family, and BR's family! It was so great getting to see and hang out with everyone for a little bit!

I also got a new phone when my Dad came because he got a new phone and I took his old one! It's taken a little getting used to but I love it! It's the Sprint Instinct, and on Friday I ordered a really cute pink skin cover for it!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Interest

Recently I have gained a new desire to know more about politics. Last week I had a client that was very into politics and I had a great talk with Jan (a relative) about current issues which both jump started my desire to learn more. I have recently found a website that I like and I've started listening to talk radio on the way to and from work.

So here's my opinion...
Be educated - and know what you're talking about  cause our country needs help!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life's Latest Update!

Life has gotten crazy! and the Lord will answer prayers!

A couple of weeks ago I started having a panic attack when I realized
how much of school was still left to be paid for...after only a few nights of intense prayers I was handed an incredible blessing and I was promoted to a different department so now I am working 40 hours a week while still going to school 35 hours a week! Which means I'm on track to finish school by May.

This sounds crazy but I'm actually really loving it! I was afraid I was going
to be wiped out and non-social but not at all! I'm just continuing to live
off of no sleep and it's great!

Playing and partying all the time just like a college student should! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What a BEAUTIFUL day!

January 19th .... 
Yesterday was a great day! I actually woke up on time! I made a smoothie and eggs for breakfast, I wore a new shirt and felt very cute! I had a great busy day at work, then I went home and rested and made dinner. While I was home I got a letter and a package from my boy :) Then I went to school and had the best suprise! FLOWERS sitting on the front desk for me! I got my hair done and was pampered for the evening! Then I had a date with myself, watched one of "our movies" and finished putting together my scrapbook of letters! 
Just as a tribute to my boy I have to share how happy I am for where we are both at right now! He is serving, working, and growing so much! He inspires me to be better and closer to my Heavenly Father! I'm getting things on my to-do list done and working and playing incredibly hard so that I can be the best I can be for him and for me! He's been gone for an incredible 8 months as of today which has gone by rather quickly and I'm so proud of him!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year's Eve!

I can't say that this New Year's Eve was the most
exciting but I spent it with people I love!

Gretchen - Me - Lincoln - Taylor - Terry - Cindy - Mom - Dad

Fun with my siblings hanging out!

The Classic Cook picture! :) Link and my parents at the table during games!

Bentley got "spy gear" for Christmas, he looks like he's ready for work! Lexus and I!

My boys are growing up! :)

Home for Christmas

Christmas is the best time of the year and going home this year made it even better! Here are a few pictures from the week home...

I had to be the donkey again! Mom helped out while Dad read the nativity story out of the scriptures.

Christmas morning and opening presents: