Sunday, November 27, 2011

lots of Thanksgiving to be had

Thanksgiving has always been of my favorite holidays so it's very fitting that for the rest of my life I will get to celebrate my wedding anniversary with my fabulous husband around Thanksgiving time! 

Thursday: We had a lovely Thanksgiving meal just us! With no oven and a tiny kitchen we had to make due so on the menu... 
Breakfast: cinnamon roll waffles (made on our George Forman Grill) hashbrowns, sausage, and orange juice. 

Dinner: rotisery chicken (from Walmart), instant potatoes, box stuffing, store rolls, corn, asparagus, and Marge's jello! and of course a little sparkling cider 

We also had skype calls with both of our families which was definitely the highlight of our day...we love our families!


Friday: Mr. Fabulous (see picture above) surprised me with a trip to DISNEYLAND!!! Here are just a couple pictures (out of our 163 pictures from the day) 

This was Michael's first time at Disneyland and he absolutely loved it! We had so much fun running around from ride to ride from 8:00am till 10:30pm. With weather in the 70's it was perfect!
Rides - Corndogs - Turkey Leg - Frozen Lemonade - Parade - Fireworks

Saturday: Our actual anniversary was a relaxing day out on the town. First we went to "The Painted Nail" salon where I got a manicure. It was so much fun and such a great manicure for a really good deal! Then we went shopping around at a fancy mall in Hollywood. I felt like I was walking through a Vogue magazine. We had fun dreaming in Tiffany's, and a Ferrari store. And we finished the night by going out to dinner. 


I feel lucky every morning when I wake up and I see this incredible man at my side! I am so grateful for so many things but today I'm especially grateful for my husband, Michael James!

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  1. what a fun memory for you guys to have doing your own thanksgiving!! you look soo gorgeous and your hair is amazing.